Fall of the Kingdom of Eirfir

by Nazgal Dracul

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Fall of the kingdom of Eirfir

When the battle of Falroth had ended and Balak Gaahl laid fallen, the sons of Galrakh had no land for them to return. Their settlements had been burned by the invading Balak and the earth was still festered with the plague. Disagreement rose amongst the line of Galrakh and they decided to go separate ways. Some went south to the ocean, these later became the boatsmen of Sarath. Some went east to the mountains where the ancient fortress of Galrakh stood, these later became the miners of Arkhal. Some went north to reclaim the forest of Drakh Al-Züül and to hunt the remaining Balak, these was later known as the bandit tribes of the forest.

Eirfir and the remaining sons of Galrakh settled amongst the grasslands of Falroth. They built castles and strongholds. With silver they cleansed the earth so life once more grew. The line of man rose from the ashes of the ancient wars and ended the dark age. What was left of the Balak was never again seen, hunted down by the settlers of Drakh Al-Züül. The forest grew tall and wildlife returned. At the throne sat Eirfir, elected king by the settlers of Falroth.

He reigned for many years and for many years there were peace. All survivors of the ancient wars had grown strong. All of Nazgal settled with the line of men, both young and old. From the grasslands of Falroth they got wheat and cattle. From the mountains of Arkhal they got silver and iron. The settlers of Sarath supplied fish and they got timber from Drakh Al-Züül. Wealth and supply was shared amongst brethren. These were the laws of Eirfir, the hero of the battle of Falroth and king of Nazgal.

Years went by and Eirfir grew older. He had no sons or kin to claim his throne. In time the hero of the battle of Falroth passed, as is the fate of all men. His songs were sung and glasses raised in his memory. With no king to rule the kingdom uneasy times quickly rose. Years went by and no one agreed upon who should take the throne. The miners of Arkhal claimed the kingdom as theirs, but the men of Falroth said it was the right of the line of Eirfir. The woodsmen and boatsmen of north and south wanted no king at all.

Corruption amongst men quickly grew. For political gains brethren would betray and repay betrayal with lies. It did not take long before men once again prepared for war. Though instead of fighting the rotten warlords of the Balak they now faced their brethren. The kingdom divided itself into four factions. Falroth to the west, Drakh Al-Züül to the north, Arkhal to the east and Sarath far south. The miners of Arkhal built of silver and rare gems a throne and claimed it their kingdom while the farmers and horsemen of Falroth still claimed all of Nazgal for the heir of Eirfir.

Thus the first war of men began. With no leader the men of Falroth was called to arms. With heavy armor and longswords they began to march, some by foot and some by horse. For days they marched to the foot of the mountains of Arkhal. Thousands of men heavily armed began to climb the mountain. At first they met no resistance and thought victory was theirs already, but the men of Arkhal knew the mountains and had seen their intruder.

The men of Falroth reached the fortress of Galrakh, deep in the mountains. Tired they set up camp and laid siege. With machines they threw rocks of fire towards the massive stone walls, yet the walls showed no sign of damage. For a day they shot both rocks and arrows, but no sign of life was shown. They grew tired at last and fell asleep. When the men of Falroth went to their tents the men of Arkhal showed their strength. They lined up at the top of the mountain while the siege camp laid right underneath them sleeping. With the signal of horns they pushed giant rocks down the mountainside on the still sleeping enemy.

Many of the men of Falroth fell before they knew of the attack. Crushed to shreds by the rocks falling from the mountainside. Those who could still stand grabbed their weapons and charged against the ancient fortress of Galrakh. They were met with a volley of arrows from the fortress walls, piercing both armor and bone. Then the gates opened and out ran the men of Arkhal, well rested and ready for battle. The army of Falroth stood its ground, but the hordes of mountain was too strong. One by one the army fell. Many slipped on the rocks covered with blood. Around laid corpses crushed and disformed.

Through the entire night the slaughter continued. Until almost no man of Falroth still stood. Stricken with fear they sounded retreat and the men of Arkhal let them run. Out of many thousands only about a hundred remained. When they returned to their lands there were no men left to work the soil or to run the castles. Once the seat of a mighty kingdom it became deserted. The survivors settled amongst the remains. Whatever strength they could gather went to rebuilding their forces. They knew the war had just began.

As such is the story of the fall of the kingdom of Eirfir.


released April 9, 2017

Artwork by Morten Bye



all rights reserved